Christ the King Catholic School Where Children Love to Learn...


The educational environment provided at Christ the King School is designed to ensure that all our graduates become:
  1. Catholic learners who:
    1. Know the fundamental teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.
    2. Practice Christian values at home, at school, and in the community.
    3. Develop personal relationships with God.
    4. Provide service to others.
  2. Students of character who:
    1. Act with integrity.
    2. Use and protect the earth’s resources responsibly.
    3. Demonstrate good citizenship.
    4. Strive to reach their full potential.
  3. Active learners who:
    1. Have a firm foundation in all academic areas.
    2. Think critically and solve problems effectively.
    3. Exhibit a positive attitude toward learning.
    4. Demonstrate competence in technology.
  4. Fully integrated students who:
    1. Communicate effectively with others.
    2. Maintain healthy spiritual, emotional, and physical lives.
    3. Work collaboratively.
    4. Have an appreciation of the Fine Arts.